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Course Selection Form

Credit Card Payment Form

Declaration of Living Arrangements Form

Immigration Canada Custodianship Form

Long-Term High School and Elementary Application Form

Medical History Form

Summer “In-District” Application Form

Wire Transfer Form


Homestay Application Form (Students)

Arrival Procedure for Students

Student Arrival Form

Homestay Family Handbook

Guidelines for Homestay Fees

Homestay Application Form (Host Families)

Immigration Canada Custodianship Form

Travel Request Form

British Columbia K-12 International Student Homestay Guidelines

Homestay Program Provider Responsiblities

Host Family Responsibilities

International Student Responsibilities

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

International Student Agent Responsibilities

School life


Guard Me @School Insurance (English)

Guard Me @School Insurance (Chinese)

Guard Me @School Insurance (French)

Guard Me @School Insurance (German)

Guard Me @School Insurance (Italian)

Guard Me @School Insurance (Japanese)

Guard Me @School Insurance (Korean)

Guard Me @School Insurance (Portuguese)

Guard Me @School Insurance (Spanish)

Guard Me @School Insurance (Vietnamese)

Guard Me Plus @BCSchool Insurance (English)

Guard Me Health Plan Claim Form (Private Medical Insurance)

Guard Me Online Claim

Living Arrangement Policy (English)

Living Arrangement Policy (Chinese)

Travel Request Form

New Westminster Secondary School

Athletic Offerings at NWSS

NWSS Orientation Schedule Aug. 2018

NWSS Clubs and Activities

NWSS Contact List

NWSS Course Description Booklet 2018-2019

NWSS School Calendar 2018-2019

Report Card Abbreviations and Code Meanings

Highlights at New Westminster School District 40

NWSS Ski & Snowboard Club Trips 2018-19

NWSS Ski & Snowboard Club Trips 2018-19

The Ski and Snowboard Club is planning three trips for this season.

The trips will take place on Sun, Dec. 16th, Sat., Feb. 2nd, and Sat., Mar. 9th. more

NWSS Parent/Teacher Interviews

NWSS Parent/Teacher Interviews

Semester 1 Parent/Teacher Interviews will take place on Thursday, November 1, 2018 from 2:45-4:45 p.m. and from 5:45-7:15 p.m. in the Massey Large Gym. more

NWSS Club Day

NWSS Club Day

NWSS Club Day Thursday, October 4th Lunch Time in the Library

Why not make new friends and have some fun by joining a club this year? Visit more

Online Application Status


Our online application is currently unavailable. You may apply using the PDF paper application form.

Please contact if you have any questions.